Replacing Doak

Yesterday’s item on adman David Doak‘s all-but-official departure from the Ferrer campaign prompted a funny pair of responses: firm denials from the campaign that Doak is out, and also a number of tips as to who will replace him.

The likely choice is apparently a respected Madison Avenue guy who dabbles occasionally in politics, Ellis Verdi.

The new faces from the corporate advertising world will be working with Ferrer aide Jonathan Prince, a Clinton administration hand. Prince, according to several Democrats, been Ferrer’s point man on the television campaign, and will continue in that role.

Doak’s firm had been reduced to serving as the production company, not the usual place of a high-payed media strategist, and has apparently lost interest in playing that role.

Several Democrats suggested that Verdi, who had a role (more to come) in Hillary’s Senate run and is close to Prince, will have a hand in producing Ferrer’s next round of television spots. Verdi also has a running relationship with the Ferrer consultants over at the Global Strategy Group.

Ferrer spokeswoman Jen Bluestein emails: “DCO’s contract runs through the primary and we’re currently talking to them and other firms about how we structure our team to ramp up to beat Mike Bloomberg in November.”

So look for an word soon of a new team to “join” Doak on the campaign, and read “replace” for “join.” Replacing Doak