Second Chance

A coalition of labor unions, contractor associations and a planning group just named a couple of political veterans to lead its effort to pass the statewide $2.9 billion transportation bond act Nov. 8, The Real Estate has learned. The point of the $1.5-2 million campaign? Get some money for big MTA projects like the Second Avenue subway—and avoid a repeat of the embarrassing defeat of a similar referendum in 2000.

Ed Draves, a labor lobbyist and Sen. Hillary Clinton’s former deputy campaign manager, will handle field operations for the get-out-the-vote drive; Josh Isay, Sen. Chuck Schumer’s former campaign manager, will coordinate news media and advertising, according to Jeremy Soffin, director of public affairs for the Regional Plan Association.

The RPA, the General Contractors Association of New York,the New York Building Congress, and several unions are the principal players in the coalition, formally called the Vote Yes for Transportation Committee. Second Chance