Serf Thought He Had a Deal, and Other Details

The details of that bizarre Queens skirmish are still trickling out, like this one:

At some point during the long night, Queens GOP leader Serf Maltese, grudgingly, endorsed Mayor Mike.

Serf, The Politicker hears, thought he had a deal: He’d endorse, and Mike would stop throwing his weight behind Serf’s rivals.

So Serf’s allies were surprised to learn that, the night Maltese announced his endorsement, Bloomberg City Hall aide Shea Fink was calling Queens Republicans to rally them against Serf.

All you want to know about the evening can be found in this depressed Republican’s account, or almost all.

One final item of note is that Serf’s lawyer, a smart GOP election-law guy named Perry Reich, played the behind-the-scenes role of parliamentarian — despite his recent conviction for forging the signature of a federal judge.

And you thought Brooklyn was interesting! Serf Thought He Had a Deal, and Other Details