Terror Power on East 77th

There was an extraordinary concentration of what Bill Weld calls “terror power,” and others would call “prosecutors,” on the corner of 77th and Lex just now. Eliot Spitzer, serving as barker, stood outside the uptown subway station beside Pick a Bagel calling, “Meet Bob Morgenthau,” while the District Attorney grinned and gripped and Morgenthau’s right hand man, Dan Castleman, looked on from the wings in blue suit and pink tie.

For all their power and prominence, Spitzer and Morgenthau seemed to spread very little terror, and even faced a fairly high percentage of blank looks and hurried brush-offs. There was only one cameraman there, from UPN 9, who shot some quick footage and headed out.

“I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania,” the cameraman said. “I don’t even know who the fuck these people are.” Terror Power on East 77th