The Black Vote

Mike just announced the formation of African-Americans for Bloomberg, headlined by “Supermodel Iman, restaurateur and lifestyles guru B. Smith, former New York basketball phenom Rod Strickland, Inner City Broadcasting Chairman Pierre (Peppy) Sutton, former Mets First Baseman Mo Vaughn, Harlem Real Estate Icon Eugene H. Webb and the owner of the Harlem Grill Allen West.”

It doesn’t sound like a particularly important political event, but it is a reminder of how — as this race shapes up — the black vote will likely decide it.

Narrower than that, the contest between Freddy and Mike is largely a struggle for the allegiance of the black middle class, a group whose political allegiance has never been as crucial as it is in this election.

With Freddy the first Hispanic major-party nominee, those African-American homeowners, professionals, and civil servants are this year’s swing constituency. The Black Vote