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Recent stories on New York Daily News gossip Lloyd Grove, the former Washington Post gossip, surrounding his two-year anniversary in New York:

The New York Observer yesterday: “Sources familiar with the circumstances of Mr. Grove’s hiring say that the scribe has been working under a two-year contract […] According to Daily News sources, the talk inside the paper is that Mr. Grove is in contract negotiations with News executives.”

Gawker, yesterday: “Say it ain’t so! […] Sherman’s piece doesn’t actually quote — either directly or indirectly — anyone saying Grove’s contract won’t be renewed.”

The Washington Post: “What does Grove have to say about all this? “It’s not true,” he told us yesterday. “That article had not one correct fact in it.”

Gawker, today: “Remember yesterday when the Observer said Lloyd Grove was not much longer for the Daily News? […] Well, hey, Lloyd, you know what they say: As long as they spell your name right…”
—Choire Sicha

The Critical Media