The Freddayeen

A couple of anti-Bloomberg Web sites worth keeping an eye on have sprung up as potentially useful adjuncts to Freddy’s campaign.

The Post reports today on The Truth on Bloomberg, a mysteriously anonymous compendium of rebuttals to various of the Mayor’s policy claims. Mysteriously, because the anonymity seems to detract from what’s otherwise a fairly well done site, and the number of possibilities for who is behind the site is in the low single digits.

On the nonymous front, Philip DePaolo, a Williamsburg activist, has launched, where the fight over Engine 212 goes on.

Interesting to see how the Campaign Finance Board reacts to the advent of anonymous blogging. My own sense is that anonymous blogs are best when entertaining, gossipy, insiderish, and essential — as in Mayor Sam’s Sister City in Los Angeles. That one turned out — and this emerged only after Hahn’s defeat — to be linked to the Hertzberg and Villaraigosa campaigns, and to be a rather useful campaign tool at that. The Freddayeen