The Same River Twice

How many colorful neighborhoods are there in those outer boroughs? Sunday, the New York Times Magazine published the winning entry in its photography contest for college students: Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao’s electronically manipulated photographs of landscapes along the No. 7 line in Queens. Liao, the magazine wrote, “has come to think of the train as a kind of river, like those along which ancient civilizations formed.”

Among the stops on Liao’s trip upriver, according to the magazine’s captions, were one in “Downtown, Flushing” (top) and one in “Chinatown, Flushing” (bottom).

Or, as residents of Flushing might call them, “the northwest corner of Roosevelt Avenue and Main Street” and “the southeast corner of Roosevelt Avenue and Main Street.” Note the Duane Reade sign and the holiday decorations. The Same River Twice