Turnout, Shmurnout

With the caveat that anecdotes don’t always reflect turnout numbers…all the anecdotes, along with common sense, point to very, very low turnout across the city.

In fact, the Board of Elections reports that my mother was the only person voting in Manhattan today.

A few emails:

“My pops voted in Noho at 11:30 am. – he was voter # 18.”

“Turnout, shmurnout. At 645 a.m. I was the only potential voter in P.S. 32 in Brooklyn. The poll workers were so lonely, they kept directing me to the wrong booth…I think they just wanted to keep me around for company.”

“I voted at 11 a.m. and my polling place in the heart of the Village at the LGBT Center was barren.”

Meanwhile, a Bronx insider tells The Politicker that despite a push from the county organization, nobody seems interested in voting up there. Turnout, Shmurnout