There are a whole lot of Democratic elected officials who seem a bit reluctant to commit to the Democratic nominee. Not sure if this presages a long, slow roll-out of Bloomberg endorsements — seems likely, doesn’t it? — but a couple of these uncommitted Dems who have been raising eyebrows are Councilman Mike McMahon of Staten Island — in part because he’s seen as a potential Congressional candidate next year — and the rarely shy Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

One reader caught Marty on WB11 this morning:

“The usually very soft news anchors were very aggressive asking him if he was supporting Freddy. He was extremely equivocal. He said Mike was a very good Mayor, but that Freddy would be a good one too. He then quite oddly said, ‘I’m a Democrat…’

“I expected him to say Freddy, and instead he said he’d be making up his mind about who he’s supporting soon.” Uncommitted