Unity, and Mysterious Enemies

More people turned up on the steps of City Hall this afternoon, by an unofficial count, than actually voted in Tuesday’s Democratic Mayoral primary.

There was the usual, somewhat awkward, generally enthusiastic three-way endorsement of Freddy, following his praise of each of his rivals.

It was, said Denny Farrell, “The worst nightmare for the present Mayor,” which overstated it of course, but wasn’t entirely wrong. Freddy is politically stronger, and more on his game, than many expected.

Freddy, however, was on to other enemies: the run-off, he alleged, is being advanced “by people who want to foster division in this party.”

(Which seemed a bit premature, as at the moment seems to be the product of voters who didn’t vote for him, but never mind.)

Anyway, asked who exactly he was accusing (one assumes Republican Board of Elections chief John Ravitz) Freddy replied with a classic of his sometimes cryptic style: “If the shoe fits, anyone can wear it.”

Asked what that meant, he offered to repeat it in Spanish. Unity, and Mysterious Enemies