Voting Horror Stories

The combination of creaky machines and semi-competent workers lose an untold number of votes each year, and turn off their share of voters for good.

But the worst story I’ve heard in a while comes from Hillary aide Howard Wolfson, who voted with his wife and daughter up at the church on 5th Avenue and 89th Street this morning.

Screaming poll workers summoned the police on Wolfson, wife, and 5-month old when he tried to take a photograph of his wife and Baby-Bjorned infant emerging from the voting booth.

There was, Wolfson reports being told, a law against taking such pictures.

Then they tried to confiscate the camera, as a befuddled police officer stood by.

Now, anybody who’s ever covered a campaign may have noticed a camera or two in the polling place. There were about a dozen shooting and filming Freddy as he emerged from the booth this morning. Disrupting other people who are voting is banned, of course — but Wolfson’s polling place, like most, was basically empty.

Perhaps they should add the First Amendment to that oh-so-effective training they offer poll workers. Voting Horror Stories