Withdrawal Pain

The response from the Freedom Center doesn’t rule out locating the museum elsewhere in Manhattan–or does it?

“We are deeply disappointed that the will could not be found to continue the development of the International Freedom Center at this hallowed site. It is the site for which the IFC was created—at the Lower Manhatttan Development Corporation’s request, and as an integral part of Daniel Libeskind’s master site plan. We do not believe there is a viable alternative place for the IFC at the World Trade Center site. We consider our work, therefore, to have been brought to an end.

“We are profoundly sorry to see:
–This significant blow to the idea of a living memorial that emerged from a comprehensive public process;
–The loss of a museum of freedom at the place where freedom was so brutally challenged;
–The failure to accept the offer of nine great universities to offer cultural programming on freedom issues in the heart of Lower Manhattan; and
–This setback to one of the most ambitious and promising service and civic engagement programs in this country.

“Hundreds of people contributed to the IFC’s development, including some of the world’s best thinkers on the subject of human freedom. To all these people we offer our profound thanks for their hard work over the past four years. Freedom is humankind’s greatest, most ennobling idea, and its surest antidote to terror and tyranny.
Finally, we wish those still involved in the important work of creating the Memorial the best of luck in the months and years ahead.” Withdrawal Pain