Adrenalized Blog Stroll

The adrenaline of Deadline Tuesday makes me twitch out a little (unlike Ben, who is habitually cool as a cucumber). So now that I’m trying to wind down, I could take a lap around the block, or…bad pun coming… wait for it, wait for it!…I could just take a stroll.

Ugh, I know. And I’m sorry, but not too sorry, so let’s go:

First, The Washington Note, if the link is still working, has word of coming indictments.

Power Plays delves into Bloomberg’s campaign filings and discovers the incumbent spent more than $650,000 to oust Ognibene.

Liza of Daily Gotham promotes a fundraising walkathon for a Ratner-razzing activists’ group, Develop – Don’t Destroy, Brooklyn. Could it be mere coincidence, I ask, that this event begins at Freddy’s Tavern, at the corner of Dean Street? Not at all subtle, people.

Funny thing about living in a dense metropolitan area – you get to watch ads for pols you can’t even vote for. GOP and the City is particularly disturbed by the latest from Garden State gubernatorial hopeful Jon Corzine. Is the ad exploitative? You can watch it here.

Taegan Goddard notes that suddenly, three years after it was published, Scooter Libby’s novel is rocking out. At least compared to before.

Urban Elephants are not happy, not happy at all about Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to expand Medicare eligibility. You’d think they expected their standard-bearer to act like an, er, Republican.

The folks over at DailyKos are taking opinions on the “subversive” cover design of their upcoming book on netroots. And ttheir readers are, well, subverting it.

The Dooryard peeks inside last night’s reception for Bloomberg at the Maritime Hotel, which was organized by prominent members of the local gay community and, in blogger Cyd’s words, “one of my favorite gay parties I’ve been to in New York City.”

A new Bloomberg-y blog? With a martini logo? My interest was piqued, and then I realized that this is actually the blog for an Atlanta-based company, run by some dude named Toby Bloomberg. Damn.

Ever since the flap over Freddy’s blog, the candidate seems to have given up his Web-by ways. The blog is still up, but it’s been over a month since he posted a new entry. And if you’re the type to get morbidly excited over blog corpses, you can still visit Anthony’s, too.

Brian Lehrer, the WNYC host and blogger, looks to lessen Demapublican confusion by untangling Bloomberg from Ferrer.

And that’s all for now.

Adrenalized Blog Stroll