Poor Rupert Murdoch. The recent surge in articles about the big housing boom party being over must have gotten to him.

It should be assumed that a billionaire media mogul would not have to shill his $28 million loft on the cover of the New York Times House & Home section. And one might also assume that a discerning editor would rather not forfeit more than two thirds of its front page to showcase an apartment listing. Isn’t that Corcoran’s job?

Regardless, the front page feature does offer the astonishing news that this apartment is still on the market! Which, umm, we knew already. While there is no ostensible reason for the piece, we do come away with the cute mental image of Wendi Deng finishing her doting husband’s sentences, and Rupert racing off to answer one of the apartment’s 20 phones (that’s 1 phone for every 465 square feet). Oh wait, Lachlan who?

So what are you waiting for? You really think Rupert and Wendi are going sit there lovingly all day by the 20 phones? As the headline commands: Make an offer!

-Michael Calderone