Another New York Mystery

Where Al Sharpton lives has long been a complicated story, and the stories today about his giving his voting address as a hotel just add to the mystery.

And the Mayor added his name to the list of the confused:

“Look, I can’t figure out where the Reverend Sharpton votes, and last I checked, he wasn’t going to vote for me. I don’t know,” he told reporters. “I just read the papers about it. Reverend Sharpton has a right to his opinion. Reverend Flake may disagree with me, I don’t know, maybe he wasn’t reading his bullet points. What do I know? I can just tell you it has nothing to do with dissing any community.”

Meanwhile, the State Dems are out with a torrent of press releases, the latest listing ten yes-or-no questions they’d like the Mayor to answer.

Question 8, “Would you still call yourself a liberal?” was one I was wondering about too, and I asked Bloomberg about it after a press conference on September 22.

The answer was less than clear:

“I have certain views,” he said in part. “They are views that I have held for as long as I can remember…. I would put no label on me.” Another New York Mystery