Bloombergians for Dean

Flanking Freddy this afternoon in Union Square, Howard Dean took the latest dig at Steve Rattner when, seizing a bullhorn, he bit back at the Democrats for Bloomberg.

“I speak for the Democratic Party,” asserted Dean,”and there’s been some press about Democrats who are not supporting Freddy. Maybe there are three or four, but I speak for the Democratic Party. I’m the only one that can do that, and the Democratic Party of the United States of America is vigorously supporting Freddy Ferrer.”

As the event broke up, a dark-haired, slightly gawky young man in jeans and wire-rimmed glasses (who would not divulge his name to The Politicker) stepped in from the sidelines. He lowered his handheld video camera long enough to engage Dean in an enthusiastic chat.

It was revealed that Mr. Dean was chatting with none other than….a Bloomberg tracker.

“I’m a big fan!” the tracker exclaimed sheepishly. Then he shuffled away.

The Democrats for Bloomberg, it seems, are so last week. Bring on the Bloombergians for Dean! Bloombergians for Dean