Breakfast with the Mayors

Mayors Giuliani and Koch lauded Mike at a “breakfast with the mayors” Jewish community event this morning organized by the Bloomberg campaign that was brimming with bagels, political movers and shakers and – Public Advocate candidate Bernard Goetz.

“I think he has been a good mayor,” said the skittish Mr. Goetz after the breakfast, which included a funky, wah-wah pedal infused version of Hava Nagila and the Mayor standing between his two taller predecessors looking like the Bar Mitzvah boy. “It’s a lopsided election.”

Mr. Goetz, who wore a Yiddish* Bloomberg pin, said he just wanted to “bump into” Rudy. Giuliani had just lectured the large crowd “People have to get out and vote. You can’t take anything for granted” and Koch made everyone stand up and pledge to rush to the voting booths and vote Bloomberg.

*(Not Hebrew.) Breakfast with the Mayors