Breaking Through

Well Freddy’s new ad people are entertaining the press, as promised.

More broadly, the theory is that they can hardly be traditional when they’re so out-gunned. So with the Six Feet Under series behind them, they released two more English spots today.

The stronger, 15-second, one had Freddy himself hopping all over a stylized black and white map of the world, poking fun at Mike’s globe-hopping.

The weaker, 30-second, one isn’t weak on the aesthetics, featuring a graphic representing all the “affordable housing” Mike promised to build and snarking, “Let’s just say he didn’t live up to his promise.”

The backup is a bit underwhelming though: “In the two years since the Mayor’s affordable housing initiative began, which promises to deliver 68,000 units Bloomberg should have completed 27,200 units by now. Therefore they are 4,036 units short.”

Hmm. Offhand, that doesn’t seem like the promise Mike has most obviously broken.

Meanwhile, the Mayor hasn’t formally released his new spot, but it’s actually, in a way, kind of daring. It features Mike talking to the camera.

Note: The original version of this post had the length of the housing spot wrong.

Breaking Through