Brodsky Won’t Quit

A displeased Assemblyman Richard Brodsky called this morning to do some rapid response to an item in Crain’s Insider. The item suggested he would drop out of the race for Attorney General to preserve his seniority in the Assembly, not to mention his “chairmanship of the powerful Codes Commmittee,” of which he is not chairman. It also noted that he hadn’t spent much money on his campaign recently.

He didn’t want to rebut the claim, exactly.

“I don’t want to rebut because it’s a fucking lie,” he said. “They let themselves be used.”

(Never happens to The Politicker. Really.)

His campaign, he added, is “moving brilliantly,” and while he hasn’t spent much money lately, his fundraising has put him over $1 million.

“There’s no warmth in the Democratic Party for the two candidates with the best name recognition. Nobody in the Democratic Party is going ‘goody goody goody, Mark Green and Andrew Cuomo,” he said, saying that he’s the “lawyerly” alternative in the Spitzer tradition.

Does seem that somebody’s a bit worried about Brodsky, in any case. Brodsky Won’t Quit