BUILD gets a raise

First BUILD, the community organization supporting Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project, denied receiving $5 million from the developer as stated on its tax forms. Then the Times reported last week that the developer did give BUILD money–$100,000, in fact. Now Juan Gonzalez says the developer has spent another $38,000 so that BUILD could hire people to stand on street corners and hand out The Brooklyn Standard, the Ratner-produced advertorial for the project. (The new issue is causing a stir of its own.) Meanwhile, Curbed predicts a “throw-down” at a public hearing on Atlantic Yards this evening.

The Mayor probably won’t show, though he says “if I lived here maybe I wouldn’t like it, either.” (via NoLandGrab). He’s busy today announcing support for the $2.9 billion transportation bond act, joining the Governor and many many other people.

The Associate Press finds that one out of five loans made to aid small businesses after 9/11 is in default, while Andrea Peyser utters the unutterable: that the public is getting tired of the victims’ families persistance.

Finally, the Times asks, Why live in Trump World Tower when you can live in Shanghai’s Skyline Mansion?

Matthew Schuerman

BUILD gets a raise