Canvassers vs. Cops

Mike’s offer of excellent pay for campaign canvassers drew one reader to ascertain exactly how much money we’re talking about here.

And the answer seems to be: more than a cop makes.

Canvassers are offered $15 per hour; extended over normal working hours, that adds up to $31,200 per year.

Which is quite a bit more than the $25,100 police recruits make in their first six months on the job.

Ferrer aide Steve Sigmund’s spin: “Knocking on doors for the billionaire mayor nets you a fatter pay check than a new cop. And you only have to be 17 years old.

“So when Mike Bloomberg makes a choice between campaigners and cops, he chooses the politics. Don’t believe the hype that this guy puts government above politics.”

To be fair, the benefits for cops are probably just slightly better than those for canvassers. Though, on the other hand, canvassers do historically benefit from somewhat looser rules regarding intoxication on the job. Canvassers vs. Cops