Dean Eva

Council Member Eva Moskowitz showed this morning that her recent endorsement of the Mayor was a calculation between the lesser of two evils, and that she was by no means going to give him or his much touted Department of Education a bye when it comes to her bread and butter subject.

In a council hearing this morning, Eva grilled Jason Henry, and other DOE officials, on the lack of textbooks and copy paper in the city’s schools.

Highlights of the slow coal dragging included, “I thought we had a bullpen approach – that the Mayor and the Chancellor had a bullpen approach. That the textbook person could shout over to the copy paper person,” “We’re still in a Soviet style mode,” “Your answer is, we don’t have a clue?” and “Let me ask the question another way. You have to be very lawyerly, I find.”

“Is she always like this?” a woman new to City Hall asked. Dean Eva