Dept. of Lame Excuses

Mike today added one to his oddly lengthy litany of reasons he won’t be showing up in Harlem tonight:

“I think today what everybody’s going to be focused on is the Yankees,” he told reporters in Queens.

Or maybe that will be tomorrow. When the Yankees actually have a game.

Fortunately, Bloomberg backer Rosie O’Donnell (!) had another answer ready, Jason Horowitz reports:

“The mayor has two debates scheduled and I think two is enough. We seem to be a gluttonous culture where everyone thinks all you can eat is the best you can do. Frankly, I think two is enough.”

(O’Donnell’s appearance, countering a big group of gay elected officials — including her brother Danny — endorsing Ferrer today, has that same celebrity-obsessed edge as did the Famous Black People From Other States for Bloomberg announcement of last month.)

NOTE: Item slightly corrected, as Rosie’s appearance wasn’t exactly a formal endorsement. Dept. of Lame Excuses