East Siders

Politicker intern David Greenhouse attended the East Side City Council candidates’ forum last night. He writes in with this dispatch:

“In the District 5 debate, an audience member asked about the 91st St garbage transfer station. Joel Zinberg, Mike’s man in District 5, was strongly opposed to the station, a position that shows, intriguingly, how he may not stand with the mayor when it’s inconvenient for him to do so.

Jessica Lappin was a bit more moderate and said she’d allow a recycling station, a stance that aligns with the position of Giff Miller, her her former boss.

“Zinberg also took a dig at Giff’s classic public school gaffe. ‘I have a four-year-old daughter who will be attending public school next year,’ he said. ‘Because some parents have actually thought about where our daughters are going next year.’

“Meanwhile, over in District 4, Dan Garodnick kept emphasizing his role in suing the city on behalf of same-sex couples denied marriage licenses. Clearly, he was trying to take the issue away from Patrick Murphy — but do most voters even know about Murphy’s leadership on gay rights?

“Candidates were asked which politicians they admired on the other side of the aisle. Garodnick said, ‘I must admit that I admire the Mayor. This is a mayor who arguably is of the other party …’ (cue laughter). Garodnick added, however, that he would not be endorsing either mayoral candidate.

“Murphy’s closing statement also drew laughter. ‘This is such an incredibly rich district,’ he said. ‘And I don’t mean financially, I mean, we have… Although, that too.'” East Siders