Edwards Lends a Hand

Nobody covering this race wants to let Freddy’s increasingly desperate money problems become the dominant story. It’s already enough of a financial mismatch to make observers uncomfortable; writing about it becomes self-fulfilling.

Anyway, they’re trying. John Edwards sent out a fundraising email this morning aimed at remedying the situation.

“Freddy might not have $100 million dollars, but with a $100 contribution tonight you can join me and help level the playing field for Freddy. Thanks to city matching funds that give Freddy a 6 to 1 match on New Yorkers’ contributions, your $100 contribution tonight multiplies to $700 that Freddy can use to fight to build a city that works better for every New Yorker.”

This will, among other things, be a test of these guys’ fundraising infrastructure. Can Edwards energize the netroots for Freddy? Can Dean? And if not, is it about their supporters, or about Freddy? Edwards Lends a Hand