Ellner No Longer Insulted

Exclusive: Brian Ellner to join Bloomberg campaign!

OK, it’s not actually exclusive. In fact, there’s a press release out.

“Mayor Bloomberg has earned a second term,” the former borough president candidate says in the release. “I am pleased to join our Mayor’s re-election team and stand with so many other fellow Democrats to support a progressive Mayor who is staunchly pro-choice, supports the LGBT community and has a proven record of achievement in helping all New Yorkers.”

This is a bit of a departure from what Ellner said in an interview with a blog, the Yankee Rag, earlier this year:

“In New York, Mayor Bloomberg refuses to instruct the City Clerk to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples despite widespread public support. The Mayor has frequently said that marriage is a state issue and that we (those who support marriage equality) should simply head to Albany and lobby the State Legislature. That is insulting.”

Ellner No Longer Insulted