[em]Men’s Journal [/em]Publisher Goes Girly

Jann Wenner’s editor-less Men’s Journal has just lost its publisher too. Carlos Lamadrid, who had overseen a 124-page jump in ad pages this year at Wenner’s adventure lifestyle monthly, has ankled Wenner for Jane, where he will be vice president and publisher. The move follows the departure earlier this month of editor in chief Michael Caruso, deputy editor Peter Frank and Wenner Books honcho Bob Wallace.

“I think Jane needs a new infusion of energy and a smart marketing and advertising plan,” Lamadrid said by phone today. “I sort of pride myself on being a turnaround specialist, and Jane is a great opportunity.”

Lamadrid’s last day at Men’s Journal will be Friday, and he starts at Jane on Monday.

-Gabriel Sherman [em]Men’s Journal [/em]Publisher Goes Girly