Film Snuffed

Cinephiles, take heed: The Freddy Film is no more.

The planned campaign documentary died a quiet death many months ago, according to filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker (of The War Room fame), who spoke with The Politicker last week.

“We weren’t getting a film that was worth doing, as compared with what you just got off of every TV screen, every night. So we abandoned it,” said Mr. Pennebaker.

The Politicker asked him if it had been difficult to get an inside scoop on the campaign.

“I think that for us to expect that Roberto would really let us do anything behind the scenes, in a way that other press would see or would be aware of, would be a mistake, I mean, for him. It’s not our call,” replied Mr. Pennebaker. “So I never pushed very hard on him.”

Film Snuffed