Friday-Morning Roundup

We laughed, then cried when reading this New York Times report on Forest City Ratner’s support from community groups re Atlantic Yards. Why we laugh: The article says that F.C.R. claimed that it did not provide financial support to BUILD–Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development, a “community group” that came out in favor of the project–before admitting that it gave them a $100,000 grant (that’s aside from the $5 million Develop-Don’t Destroy Brooklyn claims F.C.R. gave to the group). Why we cry: James Caldwell, the president of BUILD, is quoted as saying Bruce Ratner was “truly sent by God.”
God help us all.

The Times also reports that Manhattanites are a wee fed up with the rebuilding rigmorale down Ground Zero way, according to a Pace Poll.

The Post has an article on the Mayor’s move to rely on philanthropists and banking institutions to provide loans for up to 30,000 units of affordable housing.

What’s with all the polls? Here’s a poll on pols: Most New Yorkers want Governor Pataki to cede control of the Ground Zero site to Mayor Bloomberg. You want a smart comment? How’s this: Yawn.

-Matthew Grace

Friday-Morning Roundup