From the Comments Section: Fredo and Sonny

One reader’s reaction to the irresistable-but-glib headline on last night’s Brooklyn leadership post:

Same as the old boss?

The old boss was an incompetent bumbler who refused to punish traitors who backed Republican and usually sat on his hands during general elections, which he regards as a day off. The new boss is a highly organized, brilliant tactitian, who was one of those traitors, and often spends general elections actively working for Republicans.

The old boss was a small time grifter only interested in his party issued credit card. The new boss is the builder of a multi-tentacled social service empire supporting a well oiled political machine (including large consulting fees for the boss), as well as actually and competently delivering social services.

The old boss was a cipher in Albany, interested only in bringing some money to his father’s church and the right factions in Chabad. The new boss is a major Albany player, often for good, sometimes not, but always for himself.

The old boss built his career on Hasid bashing (not entirely without cause), and then made his peace. The new boss built his career on Hasid bashing (not entirely without cause), and may just have made his peace.

The old boss usually played progressive and often put right wingers on the bench. The new boss often plays conservaative and made Abbie Hoffman’s attorney, and a bunch of like minded Guild lawyers, including Margarita Lopez-Torres, judges.

If he didn’t knock you off the ballot (and sometimes he took a dive) there was little consequence to defying the old boss. The new boss would rather let you stay on the ballot so he can take the extreme pleasure of publicly slaughtering you in the street in the presence of others to set an example.

You could piss on the old boss’s fancy Italian shoes in front of his wife, and he’d still come back to next year looking for a favor. The new boss carries an old grudge like a concealed weapon, except he doesn’t conceal it.

We’ve traded Fredo for Sonny (or maybe Tartaglia for Barzini).

From the Comments Section: Fredo and Sonny