Golisano Goes G.O.P.

So Tom Golisano has officially gone Republican, as per a statement posted today on his website.

The Rochester billionaire name-drops John McCain, Joe Bruno, and Tom Reynolds as pols who lobbied him to cross over, and insists that a new ballot line won’t mean new principles. In short, he says he’s still committed to lowering taxes and spending, squeezing out the influence of special interests, rooting out Medicaid fraud, and strengthening public schools.

By way of self-definition, he also adds: “I don’t believe you have to be born into the Republican Party to be a good Republican, after all, Ronald Reagan, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg all switched Parties to become Republicans.”

And: “I am most comfortable in the McCain/Reform wing of the Republican Party.”

Our former intern, Azi Paybarah, just spoke with Golisano adviser Roger Stone, who said that the newly-minted Republican doesn’t plan on attending the October 12 G.O.P screening in Plattsburgh.

“When you have the kind of resources he has, you can afford to wait a little bit,” he told Azi. “So, no he does not intend to go to any of these dog and pony shows.”

Hat tip to Ira Stoll at the Sun, who rightfully kicks us under the table for not posting Golisano’s move earlier. Golisano Goes G.O.P.