Hillary’s Roberts Problem: Private School?

Some Orthodox Jewish bloggers are buzzing over an article in the Five Towns Jewish Times, (no link available), which recounts a meeting between Hillary and a group of constituents at Long Island’s Temple Beth Sholom:

Lester Henner, a Lawrence resident and former president of Congregation Beth Sholom, asked Clinton why she voted against the appointment of John Roberts to the Supreme Court of the U.S.

Clinton responded that while Roberts is a very intelligent man, she was nevertheless uncomfortable with the “privileged life” that he has led, citing the fact that he had been in private schools his entire life, going from private school to Harvard and then on to his professional life. She said that she thought that Roberts lacked a certain sensitivity because he “never had to live with hard knocks.”

Jeff Ballabon, one of the bloggers on Judge and Jewry, also reports that the paper’s source isn’t the only one to have left the meeting with this version of events.

“Well, at least we know Hillary’s going to be a Yes vote on Miers,” he concludes.

More grumbling, and debate in the comments section, over at Orthomom.

Hillary’s Roberts Problem: Private School?