Hokey Homage

“Bloomberg has some financial skills, which is how he got his sweet moolah. But you know what? He doesn’t have other skills.”

That’s the word at VoteForFernando.com, a kitschy, homespun website that makes you wonder if Team Ferrer has enlisted writers from the The Onion to bolster their cause.

“Fernando Ferrer is from the Bronx, so he’s probably skilled with num-chucks [sic]. He’s also the only one who grew a moustache (well, Tom has a beard). Fernando has really great skills.”

There’s also a picture of meatloaf, and the lovely pencil sketch I’ve posted on the left. [A Politicker reader writes in to note that the site is actually knocking off Napoleon Dynamite, which, since I live in a box and barely every go to the movies, I missed!]

Some simple cyber-sleuthing reveals that VoteForFernando.com was registered anonymously at the end of last month. Like TruthOnBloomberg.org, this site has much of its content warehoused over at BloombergFacts.com, a blank, placeholder site, which leads me to believe they’re owned by the same folks. Who could the mystery registrants be?

Hokey Homage