In Today’s Observer

Jess Bruder gets an interview with an unusually frank Bloomberg supporter Steve Rattner, whose “The Party, c’est moi” stance gets him a pounding from fellow Democrats. (Bits of this story are not, presently, in the Web edition; I’ll put a full version of Rattner’s comments up on The Politicker in a minute.)

Jason Horowitz sits down with Stu Loeser, the Bloomberg aide who knows Freddy better than anyone outside the candidate’s immediate family.

Matt Schuerman eulogizes the Freedom Center.

Eve Kessler speculates on the return of the WASP. It’s a storyline that didn’t work so well for Giff Miller, but Bill Weld brings new hope.

And Joe Conason watches the Right’s reaction to the Miers nomination.

Lizzy Ratner and I have the week off…but you should have seen the one that got away. In Today’s Observer