In Today’s Observer

I take a look at Andrew Cuomo’s non-campaign campaign in a story that tries to parse his issue advocacy, his political work, and his major supporter: Local 1199.

And Roberto Ramirez comes out of hiding to meet Jess and me in the neighborhood, talk up Freddy’s prospects, and drop a hint: he’s thinking of running for office again.

In the same article, Jess examines some data from an exclusive Pace University poll that has more bad news for Freddy.

The poll also turns up some interesting data for Matt Schuerman on the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, which has more supporters than opponents, with strong backing by Brooklynites (50%) and blacks (59%).

In a separate piece, Matt asks the inevitable question: Mike may suddenly be talking about Ground Zero again, but is it just talk?

The Observer’s rockin’ coverage of the mess at the Times continues.

E.J. Kessler looks at the divided labor movement.

And The Observer’s edit heads endorse Mike….while, quietly, The Politicker remains committed to Jimmy McMillan.

In Today’s Observer