In Today’s Observer: Cruising!

Choire Sicha investigates the future of cruising: What do all these new developments in traditionally cruising-friendly areas–waterfronts, windswept canyons between buildings late at night, parks–mean for men who go out in search of tearoom trade?

Jaqui Safra has “quietly” (read: no brokers) put his Upper East Side limestone mansion on the market for $50 million–making him the latest bid to break the record set by Rupert Murdoch, who purchased the Rockefeller triplex at 834 Fifth Avenue for $44 million. Uber-gallerist Larry Gagosian’s “people” deny a rapidly spreading rumor that he’s buying the place–for the asking price.

David Walentas, the guy who turned all of the cool factory buildings in Dumbo into expensive lofts, is trying to get a piece of the action as the city begins to parcel out development land adjacent to the planned riverfront park at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Remember when we were worried all those nice Chelsea gallerists like Matthew Marks and Barbara Gladstone were on the way out? Umm, not any more. Brook Mason finds out just how much dough they’re raking in these days. In Today’s Observer: Cruising!