Is Anyone Not…

…on Mike’s campaign staff?

Over on the Voice’s site, the inimitable Tom Robbins reports on a bit of partial disclosure from the Bloomberg campaign that makes the IHOP brigade look like amateurs, as it were:

“Ask anyone answering the phone at the Bloomberg campaign office in the
Throgg’s Neck section of the Bronx who’s in charge there, and they’ll direct you to a political operative named John Greaney.

“But if you try to ask Greaney… whether or not he’s the same guy who was featured as the hero/victim in a recent Times story about an embarassing legal episode in the life of Freddy Ferrer and he gets all shy on you.”

(Sorry about the lack of embedded links — I’m posting remotely and my HTML skills are, um, limited. The Voice piece is at:

UPDATE: The city’s law department tells The Politicker that the Times reporter, Mike McIntire, actually filed the FOIL request for the documents back in August, which is before Greaney was working for Mike. So it looks like the IHOP brigade may still do him one better. Is Anyone Not…