Jeanine: Stop Hillary

After her last round of political mail — with the message “I’m broke, please help!” and the unfortunate expectation-setting — seems not to have done her much good, Jeanine Pirro has sharpened up the message in the latest missive to two words: Stop Hillary.

“Believe me, every Republican in New York and across the nation has a stake in winning this Senate race as the outcome represents the most significant marker yet on Hillary’s march to the White House,” she writes. “Putting the reigns (sic) of power in Hillary’s hands is a mistake we cannot afford.”

Spelling mistakes, apparently, more affordable, but never mind.

Pirro’s not wrong about the connection between this Senate campaign and the Presidential, though many would argue that the Senate is the opposite of a “springboard,” and that it’s actually a harder path to the White House.

Her adoption of this line, however, will be an interesting test of my theory that the anti-Hillary conspiracy is not so vast.

Jeanine: Stop Hillary