Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?

The Rev. Al Sharpton responds to Freddy Ferrer’s call to downsize Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards: “Freddy may understand that there is an epidemic of joblessness in the city but he needs to realize that failure to get projects like this done would be a terrible loss for communities of color throughout this city. We can not play politics with something as important as the Atlantic Yards. This project is exactly the type of project we need to support and exactly what we need in Brooklyn.”

Opponent Norm Oder has done an interesting analysis on the actual jobs that this project will create (as well as a lengthy critique of our poll). He counts 1,038. One has to, we believe, add another 400 for the arena and another 1,500 in construction. (Forest City is claiming 15,000 construction jobs, but in developer-speak, the same job that last 10 years is 10 different jobs.) There are going to be a few retail stores and a small hotel too.

Meanwhile, Green Party Beep candidate Gloria Mattera takes out a full page anti-Ratner ad in the new Brooklyn Papers (see page 2 of this PDF).

Matthew Schuerman Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?