Jon Stewart Sells; Bloomberg Quavers

Did Michael Bloomberg really mean what he said to the Daily News? He’s already saying silverstein could stay. Also, there’s the matter of those four empty chairs on the LMDC he hasn’t filled yet–that is, if he wants more influence there.

Our poll, conducted by Pace University, shows that New Yorkers support Bruce Ratner’s plan to bring the Nets to downtown Brooklyn–and the numbers only go up when you ask Brooklyn residents.

Jon Stewart hired Deborah Berke to fix up the Tribeca apartment he bought earlier this year (1,000 turtles used to live there, after all!), which meant he could finally start showing the $3.995 million West Village apartment he’s leaving behind. It finally went to contract.

The observation deck re-opened at Rockefeller Center; our reporter gets kicked out, very nicely, but not before talking to real-estate people about how much a 20,000 square-foot penthouse with wraparound terrace would fetch on the market. We think he got a low-ball at $40 million. Jon Stewart Sells; Bloomberg Quavers