JT Leroy and his Literary Sex Slaves

penis bones!The Transom was, of course, entranced by today’s JT Leroy semi-expose in New York magazine, even though Serena Torrey, the icy blonde vixen PR woman at New York magazine wouldn’t send over advance on it last Friday, or even arrange to have the author comment on the piece. Even though, you know, we all get that email from New York mag every Friday that lists the coming week’s contents and claims, “New York magazine writers and editors are available for comment.” OH ARE THEY, MS. TORREY? ARE THEY REALLY?


The proof in the JT-is-a-fake pudding was a little weak at the end—what’s that? You didn’t get to the end of the 6000-or-so word article? Huh—but still, we couldn’t believe that the sexpose didn’t address Mr. Leroy’s raccoon penis bone price-gouging profiteering markup in his online store. $17? Please, everyone knows you can buy some raccoon weiner for $3 bucks.

But more importantly, underlying the whole article is a fascinating unnoted sexual web. An army of literature lovers indeed! Why, The Transom is quite ready to resurrect that terrible high school idea of the sex chart (see also: the Buffy sex chart) to explicate all this.

Why, just from the characters on the first page of the story, The Transom can draw a straight line of sex partners from Dale Peck to X to Y to Z to Allen Ginsberg and Dennis Cooper and William S. Burroughs, which of course branches off to, hmm, let’s call him M, to Gore Vidal to Jack Kerouac… oh, the list of randy devils goes on and on. It’s even just a hop and a skip to Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins and Rock Hudson!

—Choire Sicha JT Leroy and his Literary Sex Slaves