Lightning Round

I was initially skeptical of the notion that candidates for high office should be subjected to a shouted series of yes-or-no questions, but it is looking like a pretty good idea.

Last night’s debate, between Freddy and Tom — your self-described “hard-working, middle-class human being” — got washed out of the news cycle by the terror threat, much to Mike’s benefit. But the “lightning round,” again, was the only reason to watch the debate, which like national “debates” has become a ritual of avoiding questions and repeating talking points.

And there are all these questions to which it would be nice to have yes-no answers from Mike: Was the war in Iraq a good idea? Would you describe yourself as a Liberal? Was Rudy Giuliani fair to African-Americans? And so on. He gets tossed this stuff at press conferences from time to time, but live television (and Dominic Carter) might provide a bit more incentive to give straight answers.

After the show, the Sun’s Fipp Avlon challenged the other debate hosts to put Mike on the spot in a similar way.

And also after the show, Politicker David Greenhouse writes in that he “spotted virginia at M&G Soul Food, a diner at 125th & Morningside, sitting alone at the counter. Who forgot to invite her to the after-party?”

Lightning Round