M-Lo for B-Berg

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived…Margarita has endorsed Mike for re-election. The release just came out, and it includes the following statements from Lopez and Bloomberg:

“Mike Bloomberg is a great Mayor,” said Councilmember Lopez. “When you come to Mike Bloomberg with a problem, he listens, keeps an open mind and then solves the problem. I have worked with him for four years as a member of the City Council and I am proud to have partnered with him in improving our City. New York is heading in the right direction. Our schools are turning around, the streets are safer and cleaner, unemployment is down. But what I like most about Mike Bloomberg is that he fights for the people of my community and has delivered.”


“Margarita Lopez is the rarest of elected officials,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “She tells it like it is, never backs down from a fight and never lets you down. It is a great honor to be endorsed by this straight-talking Councilmember and I look forward to working with her on my re-election.”

As for “straight-talking,” The Politicker raises an eyebrow. Last week, I called M-Lo after a source reported seeing her at Bloomberg HQ (was she there? she offered a strange denial). I also asked if she was planning to work for the Mayor’s re-election.

“This is news to me. I’m sorry,” she said. “Whoever is giving you that information, they should inform me first.” M-Lo for B-Berg