Please Suh, Some More

The Sun predicts that the City Council will override Bloomberg’s veto today of its bill to require big box stores to provide health coverage. The editorial board offers its own solution for minimum wage workers: Medicaid. And if that doesn’t work, “Uninsured patients can receive care by showing up at any hospital emergency room.” Prisons provide health care too, we hear.

Will Sir Norman have his own twin towers? Steve Cuozzo reports that Foster has landed the commission for the former YWCA building at 53rd and Lexington to complement his Hearst design on the West Side. Developer Aby Rosen is planning to transfer the development rights from the Seagram Building and could build a total of 50 stories or more.

Whatever dreams Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz had of hosting the world are dashed as the Daily News reports that the United Nations will stay in Midtown, probably in two to four locations, during its HQ renovation.

Matthew Schuerman Please Suh, Some More