Running in High Heels

Feeling bereft in the wake of the Freddy film collapse? Take heart…

Running in High Heels, a documentary on women in politics that focuses on the 2004 State Senate race on the West Side, will premiere next Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, at Symphony Space.

Stephen M. Evans III, president of the TR/Gramercy Park Republican Group, wrote to alert The Politicker about the film. This is what he had to say about it:

“About half of the film is spent following Emily Csendes as she attempted to unseat State Senator Tom Duane… It shows many humorous exchanges on the street as Emily, a Republican, campaigns in a heavily Democratic district. The film also contains assertions by her Campaign Manager that State Senator Duane only introduced his Equal Rights Amendment because his opponent was a woman.”

And who, you may ask, was that plucky campaign manager? Why, it was… Mr. Evans.

Running in High Heels