Showtime with Fulani

Among the Bloomberg supporters headed for the Apollo tonight is none other than…Lenora Fulani. Ms. Fulani will hold an informational picket with members of the “Bloomberg on C” coalition (read: Independent Party types).

For any of you hoping Mike could still make a surprise appearance at this debate…she’s the last nail in the coffin.

And Fulani is not the only IP’er rushing into the mayor’s Apollo debacle. Azi writes in, sharing some snippets from an ad on page 11 of The Amsterdam News. The text is attributed to Jesse Fields, IP candidate for Manhattan BP:

“I don’t care whether there’s a debate in Harlem or not. I don’t care whether Democrat Freddy Ferrer and Conservative Tom Ognibene debate without the mayor,” the ad reads. “I do care whether those who claim to represent our interests are really doing something to help the people.”

And it continues…

“[Mike Bloomberg] even gave a personal gift to support the Apollo, which the Democrats spent years running into the ground.”

Three cheers for personal gifts! Showtime with Fulani