Skurnik’s Analysis

Jerry Skurnik, who keeps better track of this stuff than anyone else I know, emailed over some bits of analysis of the primary vote that caught his eye.

Here they are:

Either Ferrer & Weiner carried every Assembly District but 1.

Field won 70 AD (barely) over Ferrer. That’s her home district. (And two others. Jerry corrects here.)

Miller came in 2nd in only 3 ADs – 65 & 73 (in his Council District) and 50 (Williamsburg-Greenpoint).

Christopher Brodeur finished 2nd in 72 AD (Washington Heights). He received 1,024 votes out of 9,860 cast. Ferrer received 6,596.

Norman Siegel won 3 ADs: 39 (Jackson Hts-Corona), 52 (Brooklyn Heights), 57 (Ft. Greene).

Joe Hynes won 12 ADs — John Sampson won 9.

Scott Stringer won 4 ADs. Lopez, Moskowitz, Perkins & Espaillat each won 2. Skurnik’s Analysis