Speaking Ill of the Dead

One problem with the full-court press is that you commit the occasional foul.

And that appears to have happened with Mike’s all-fronts assault on Freddy, which today took the form of a complicated story about Freddy’s having once backed a community board appointee in the Bronx, Jerome Greene, who was indicted — but acquitted — on a charge of stealing school equipment.

The guy’s behavior two decades ago doesn’t seem to have been exactly exemplary, but he is also recently deceased, and a man of God to boot. His widow, Aurelia Greene, the deputy majority leader of the State Assembly, had this to say:

Words cannot express the deep personal pain caused by Mike Bloomberg’s shameful attack today on my beloved husband of 35 years, Reverend Jerome Alexander Greene, who after a long struggle succumbed to a prolonged illness a little over a year ago. I have never, throughout my career in politics, seen anything as disgusting as this mean-spirited, slanderous attack. Shock and outrage are not strong enough to express my repulsion with this revolting attack on my late husband, a good and decent man who is not even here to defend himself from charges that grossly misrepresent the facts…

Our City deserves a leader who won’t stoop this low just to get elected. Our city can do better. I am praying that Mike Bloomberg will find God and learn to be more sensitive to grieving families.

And just a hair too late for Yom Kippur.

Speaking Ill of the Dead