Suozzi’s Hope

Tom Suozzi has been telling people for a long time that he’ll primary Eliot Spitzer for Governor, and Spitzer adversary Ken Langone apparently takes him at his word.

“How much does Ken Langone hate Eliot Spitzer?” Newsweek asks today. “So much so that the billionaire financier is telling friends that he is looking to raise tens of millions of dollars to finance a long-shot candidate to challenge New York’s corporate-crime busting attorney general in his race for governor in 2006.”

Langone also says this about his own legal troubles with Spitzer, relating to Dick Grasso’s pay package: “You tell Spitzer that if he’s going to try this case, he should try it himself because my lawyers will beat him like a rented mule.”

This is, basically, good news for Suozzi’s bid. The potential pitfall is that nobody outside Nassau County has any idea right now who Suozzi is, and Lagone opens him to the risk of being introduced as the pawn of guys Eliot prosecuted. Suozzi’s Hope